International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day​!

Why do we have to have a special day to celebrate? I have often wondered this too, why don’t Men get a day too? Isn’t having a day just for us girls inequality?

I believe in equality, and fair treatment of all, regardless of gender, race, religion, age etc…

I can take a joke, I love a bit of banter, even the tired old jokes of “get back in the kitchen”. It makes me laugh because I am a terrible cook, well I don’t like to cook very often anyway! In our household, Dan​ does the majority of the cooking!

It is OK to make fun of gender stereotypes. What I personally find isn’t OK though, is walking away from those jokes believing they are or should be reality.

As today is still currently just International Women’s Day, I am going to take a moment to say a bit about the women I look up to and respect.


Where do I think we are still going wrong with gender equality?

1. Gender stereotypes in the media
2. Shaming Women / Applauding Men for the same thing.
  • I want to apologise for shaming women in the past, I too have been called a slut / slag / whore / tart etc… without any real justification. If it was a man, he would be commended on his promiscuity! I have used those words in anger before towards women that made me uncomfortable for being free and sexually liberated. It isn’t fair or right that I have not used those words towards men for doing the exact same thing.
    Men and Women really need to take note of this.
    I have in the past been told by a man I cared a lot for, that I have a “reputation”. I looked up to this man, and was troubled and deeply upset he thought this of me. I challenged him on it, and his opinion was based on rumours, things that were just totally untrue, but once my reputation was soiled, there was no taking it back. Even if the information to back it up was completely untrue, women tend to carry names like that with them as a burden. Men get to carry it as a medal of honour.
  • This equally applies to domestic abuse / sexual assault. Women are made to feel ashamed in many cultures and communities for the fact someone else took advantage of them without their consent. However if the victim was a man, he would be judged on why he couldn’t stand up for himself against a women, or why didn’t he just enjoy the unwanted sexual advance?

For me these are 2 key points I notice every day, which until they were pointed out to me, were not very obvious. It was the kind of stereotyping I grew up with and was used to, so surely that means it is OK?
Now, after much research and a bit more understanding, I know it isn’t OK. Hopefully we can make changes towards acknowledging things like this just a bit more, so that future generations grow up with a better understanding and appreciation for each other and our little differences.

Here are some little infographics with interesting information.*

*Unsure of sources so please do your research as well in case of misinformation. Also I am a girl and I actually prefer the colour yellow! And I know not all men like blue…

I can’t comment very much on wage equality, all I can say is that I hope each employer pays based on experience and skills rather than gender.
I have seen people being treated differently in business based on their gender. An example being, a women not getting promoted because (and yes she was told this) she might decide to have children at some point in the near future. So the job was given to a man with less experience and relevant skill.

Anyway, I hope you might have learnt something from this today, or you may go forth and seek more information regarding gender inequality.

Either way, I write this with a whole lot of love, and hope that no matter your stance you can give back that love in equal measure.

Gabe ❤


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