Lady Gabe and the battle against Mini Eggs

The past few weeks have been really busy at Lady Gabe HQ (my little craft cave on the corner of Fairview Road)! Considering I am officially unemployed, that is quite surprising to a lot of people!

So what has Lady Gabe been up to?

❤ Interviews and Job Hunting

Of course, as part of being unemployed is the “Job Seekers” bit.

I have been actively on the look out every day, and had some amazing interviews, some heart breaking rejections and suddenly a flurry of job offers all in 1 go! No announcements just yet, but things have certainly picked up – positive news is due!

❤ Getting my FAT ARSE into gear!

Notice that “fat arse” is BOLD? That is because my lovely healthy body is getting rather BOLD, big and curvy! I like my curves, lumps and bumps. To be honest I am just happy I have a healthy body, BUT I do not like feeling tired and sluggish.

So I have finally got back into regular gym classes, started spin, running and weight training. I have even tried Zumba (even though I am really embarrassingly uncoordinated and clumsy). I haven’t noticed any weight loss, but that is probably due to my increased interest and access to Mini Eggs…

❤ Craft Fair, Project Pattern and the Battle of Facebook.

I sadly didn’t make any profit in my last craft fair, but I did make new creative friends! My next craft fair is back in my old haunt, Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham. Sunday 22nd March, be there!

Project Pattern has been going really well, and has continued to inspire me with all sorts of other creative ideas! My newest projects and ideas are currently still in my head and not yet in play, but here is a hint… colouring books anyone?

Also have you seen my Etsy store? I am adding lots of new stock! Go find me and grab a bargain!

I have had a great interaction on my Facebook page just recently due to a competition I set up, with 3 of my prints as prizes! Although, anyone else who is on Facebook as a business will know that small businesses are now almost completely blocked from getting any interactions unless you PAY to boost the posts *shocking*.This makes me very upset and angry, but I won’t go into here, but if you are a follower and want to help, then please continue to like, comment and share things I post on my page to ensure you can still see it in your feed!

❤ 100 happy days

If you saw my previous post, then you will know about 100 happy days. I needed a kick up the butt (what is my obsession with bums today?) to find my happy space again. Being out of work is a drag, I hit rock bottom quite spectacularly! But I don’t stay down for long, I am a determined little…actually maybe not so little, BOLD force of nature!

It has helped me no end to take on this challenge and has shaped my mind to seek out the things that make me happy and not dwell on those that make me sad.

Here is a selection of happy things I have recorded so far. I am currently on day 14!

❤ New Logo

It is a work in progress, but I am getting a chance to practise my Adobe Creative Cloud skills! I tried this logo shown below in Illustrator, and I have been working on a web site in Dreamweaver, very very slowly! I am doing a Web Design Course which is really interesting but my brain is fried a lot of the time trying to take it all in!

Let me know what you think of my logo, I would love some feedback!

The next things on the agenda for me are undetermined (except my Mini Egg consumption). But right now, I am going to log off, and do some more doodling! My Project Pattern Octopus is calling out to be finished!

Much love my dears! Thanks for dropping by…


Gabe x


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