Day 1 of 100 happy days!

Check out @LadyGabe‘s Tweet:

A long muddy walk up Crickley Hill with this little fella and my lovely friend Ki has helped kick off day 1 of my 100 happy days challenge!


For the next 100 days I will be posting a photo a day on my Twitter (@LadyGabe) of something that has made me happy.

I’ve struggled a bit under the darkness of depression from being made redundant, and the relentless struggle to find work. I’ve wound up being very sorry for myself, finding it hard to get motivated and feeling like a total failure.

But I’ve had enough of attending my own pity party and I’ve decided it is high time I sorted it out!

First it started as giving up something for lent. I decided to give up putting myself down, and to start being proud of what I have achieved during this tough time.

Then a friend mentioned 100 happy days challenge, so I’ve decided to challenge myself and be accountable for it by signing up online to be checked on!

I hope I can keep it going until the end! Wish me luck!


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