The CV Mutilation – Behind the scenes

Something has just occurred to me after another day of sending out job applications…my CV is incredibly boring!

The outplacement support we were given during the run up to redundancy pulled my old colourful CV apart, and told me off for trying to be different and stand out (gosh I felt like I was back at school again, with red hair and a lip piercing!)

I was rather fond of my old CV, so lets name thisΒ CV Bubbles. Bubbles was a vibrant, eye catching piece of A4, with an attractive layout not conforming to the expected CV rules. Bubbles found me several job interviews a couple of years ago, in roles beyond my skill set, but with great potential in some fantastic businesses. I stood out so much they had to meet me! Even though for example, I didn’t have a degree in brand marketing, which was a must as described in one of their job descriptions.

Then last year, the recruitment agency pulled Bubbles apart…*cries*

They told me off for being creative and made me promise to agree to a simple word document layout, no more pdf., using just black Arial, font size 10-12. No colour,Β BOLD or Italics….NO FUN!

Bubbles was no more. Imposter CV took over in September 2014, and I would say I have had about a 20% success rate in getting as far as interview using this one, when Bubbles gave me 100% success, interview every time that I applied! I can see it now, imposter CV is out there getting missed because it is so… blah. Bubbles mark 2 is waiting to get out there and show the world what I’ve got!

However, imposter CV is still very professional and has all the right information on there…I just need to make it sparkle again, to truly reflect me.

In conclusion, I have decided to create an online CV. An interactive and interesting space where my possible future employers can get to know the real me,Β the person behind all the beautifully scripted black-Arial-font-size-10-12 adjectives.

Wanna see? You will have to keep watch by following this blog, or my Facebook page Lady Gabe’s Art… it is a current work in progress!


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