Everything is AWESOME

OK so maybe not everything is awesome right now as the subject suggests (I’m unemployed, rather poor and have a massive pimple on my chin). BUT I quite simply cannot get this song out of my head!


Have you seen the Lego Movie? It’s brilliant! Plenty of giggle fuel in it, random cameos and a perfectly silly storyline. And. That. Song.

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!

What I miss most about work is being a part of a team. The social aspect of working in an office environment is great, and I miss the diversity of conversations and interesting anecdotes that are told around the computer screen, while trying to take a few minutes of secret down time.

Christmas has of course been wonderful though! I’ve enjoyed the extra time I’ve had to get things done for the festive season, just wish it wasn’t so permanent!
I have been hearing plenty of positive feedback from customers, once their loved ones had opened up the bespoke paintings I had made for them. So pleased the things I love to create are put to use on someone’s wall for their enjoyment!


Even though this year has been troubled in many ways I am finally noticing how far I have truly come. And giving myself a break from all the things I haven’t quite achieved yet. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that jazz… but I have high expectations of myself. Because I know I can achieve so much, if I wasn’t such a worrier and just got on with it.

I’ve said it before but…

Feel the fear, then do it anyway

I’ve got big plans, including a lengthy and in depth business plan, so here’s hoping things begin to move! Including the job front, I can’t wait to be working again and meeting new people!

I dearly hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and feel positive and motivated as we move into the new year. Thank you for the support throughout 2014, I hope I bring bigger,  better and more interesting things for you all in 2015!

Love and sparkles

Gabe ❤


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