The Future of Lady Gabe

Hello my darlings!

My social media presence has been lacking in recent days, my sincere apologies. As you will know from my previous post I have been spending a lot of time trying to work out my options for the future.

I tend to jump from thought to thought as I have that kind of creative and imaginative mind that is always seeking new ideas and doesn’t stand still for long. It is a strength and a weakness of mine I have to admit. I want to do so much, achieve so many things and try everything in life. But this isn’t a great way to operate when you are trying to set yourself a clear path to embark on!

Luckily I have fantastic friends and family around me, who are supportive whatever my decision. They provide me with encouraging words to help me find my way, and over the past few weeks it has helped me shape the type of future I see for myself without fear.

Here are the thoughts on my previous post Terrifically Terrified:

I could be self-employed building on my creative side full-time! As an Illustrator, Makeup Artist, Web Designer and/ or even a Photographer!

I could be coordinating and running my own events, bringing people together and creating unique experiences!

I could be in another full-time office based job, using my marketing experience and extensive project / administration background to assist someone else’s business!

Who knows where I will be! I am volunteering for events still, I still have my courses to complete in Web Design and Accounting, and I am seeing what additional studies I can take on for better self development.

❤ Illustration will of course continue to grow! This is a HUGE part of my life and I will never let myself stop again. Lady Gabe will of course evolve into a more established business, but I can work on it in my spare time while hopefully working part/full-time in an inspiring and creative role to compliment each other!

  • I am going to officially open my Etsy store very soon! I cannot wait to do this, watch this space!
  • I will be holding my first craft stall on the 30th November at Smokey Joe’s Cafe in Cheltenham selling to the public face to face! Scary but oh so exciting!
    My stock is so varied, ranging in many price ranges from pocket-money picks, right up to large unique pieces, so I really hope you can come say HELLO to see what I have on offer!
  • There will be new projects such as t-shirt’s, magnets, greetings cards, key rings, prints, coasters, tote bags etc…

For a short while, my output with my illustrations will be decreased a fair amount so I can study, complete the courses I have signed up for to better my development. I have closed my books for commissions at the moment, I am looking to start working on bigger projects!

Thank you for your support through 2014, 2015 will bring about a lot of changes and I cannot wait to get started!


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