Instagram for Artists: Sharing the Creative Moments (smartly)

This is a really impressive, yet to the point collection of tips! I love Instagram, and my use of it has evolved over the past few years.

I know I will be using this as a guide to help bring my followers better photos and more interesting interactions!

Instgram for Artists: Beautiful Hello Blog

(A few of my recent IG posts)

I am beginning to feel as though there is more creativity in the world than ever before – and more collective rejoicing over this fact.  Literally, at your fingertips, there are miles and miles of beautiful images and thoughtful words, just ready to spark a bit of precious inspiration.  Connecting with your audience has never been easier, and the tools we have available are becoming more pro and more valuable every day.  But how can social media enable you as an artist?  I mean, really, really enable you…  I’m going to be sharing a few tips on these tools over the next few weeks, starting with my favorite: INSTAGRAM!

 Instagram has created a network of people who are so excited to share in each other’s creative & beautiful moments.  It is such an incredibly valuable for artists to be using smartly!

Instagram is becoming…

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