London Tattoo Convention 2014

I have so many awesome things to share about this weekend in London and at the 1oth International London Tattoo Convention!
3 days of colourful experiences, sore feet, expensive food and booze yet full of wonderful memories!
I attended the convention with the boyfriend Dan and my longest and craziest friend, Sarah aka Sehznibar! Dan and I had been to a few conventions before, only small gatherings, but this was the first experience of a convention for Sarah. London Con was truly a sight to behold!
The sheer size of the venue was enough to deal with, then you add in hundreds of incredible artists guesting, merchandise stores, clothing, Miss Pinup UK Finals, live music and the Fuel Girls shows… little bit overwhelming!
It was a very special occasion too! It was Sarah’s birthday on Friday 26th September, our first day at the con, so it was very important to me that she had a great day / weekend with us.

I’ve known Sarah since we were about 3 (ish) years old. We have grown together through the years, including many incredibly hard times, amongst a wealth of good times and with sincere hopes of better times to come! She is very special to me, a true inspiration, she never fails to make me laugh! To have the chance to spend this weekend with her, on her birthday no less, was fantastic and such a blessing.

We grew up in the same town, until when Sarah was 16 (10 years ago, gosh…), she moved to Plymouth. We don’t keep in touch daily, and there have been times where a month or more has passed before we speak again. But what is so amazing about our friendship is that if anything happened, and we were needed to rush to the others aid, we would move the earth to do so no matter what.
The moment we do get back together, we immediately end up acting like those idiot teenagers all over again, speaking in our own language nobody else seems to understand. Having a chance like this for a proper catch up, and to experience new things together 23 years on is the coolest thing ever!

Friday Highlights

We spent Friday at the convention, checking out the artists, entertainers, famous faces etc… Seeing a very petite Megan Massacre walking about in all her orange haired beauty was rather surreal to begin with, but after a while you get used to all the familiar faces and realise they are just nice people who are just as passionate about art as we were!
In the evening it was onto a stunning Italian restaurant (Il Bordello) in Wapping for Sarah’s birthday. We got to walk along the Thames and enjoy the views of London at night, including some very iconic views of the London Bridge as you will see from the images! We ended up at The Horniman at Hays in London Bridge for final celebratory birthday drinks!

Saturday Highlights

Saturday we headed over to Camden Town for the market and colourful atmosphere. If you have never been, it is a must see place! Be prepared for crowds, and a lot of cheap tack! But if you stick around and keep looking there are so many arts and crafts stalls, beautiful hand-made items and not forgetting the vast amount of international food for sale in the market! We popped into the convention again for some of the entertainment before heading back to relax with some wine!
This is where I must give an honourable mention to 2 very special people who welcomed us to stay. My good friend Rob and his girlfriend Naz were kind enough to be our fabulous hosts for the weekend at their home near Watford. We spent the evening in with them, chatting, drinking and consuming a lot of pizza together! The perfect night in! They made us feel so comfortable and welcome, it wasn’t long until I smashed the PJ’s on to really relax!

Sunday Highlights

As Sarah was booked in with the beautiful and uniquely modified Grace Neutral for 2 small hand poked tattoos on Sunday, we got to the convention at opening ready for her appointment. It was perfectly quiet for the first hour we were in there, so we finally got to view it all without the usual bumps and bangs that come with crowds.
We mingled with the tattooed nation some more, checked out most of the 300 artists again to see what they were creating and bought a LOT of their prints! Dan and I are seriously losing available wall space in our little apartment.
Over the weekend we collected business cards, badges and the hundreds of the free stickers artists had in their booths. I have decided to make a collage and frame it out of my favourite cards and stickers, to adorn the wall of my little craft “cave”. I can then use it as creative inspiration next to my vision board as shown in the below images.

Just before we left Sunday, we stumbled across the booth for quarterly magazine Things and Ink. I am so happy we did!
We met a couple of the lovely ladies behind the magazine and bought 2 issues to see what it was all about. Finished reading the Love issue before getting off the tube and immediately decided to get all the back issues and sign up for future issues! Ladies with ink, and a love for the alternative, check it out!



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