Pixie Stone – A year of knitting fury!

What a whirlwind of a year it has been for my friend Hollie’s business Pixie Stone’s Little Creations! She hit her 1 year anniversary recently since opening her Facebook page on the 10th September 2013. Without knowing it, we almost shared the same anniversary, as my Facebook page opened 9th September 2013!

I first met Hollie through Instagram towards the end of 2013, and before long we found we had quite a lot in common! We have kept in touch regularly since, but only met face to face about 3 months ago while at the Craft Night in at Cafe Moochoo, Cheltenham.

We have bonded over my love for illustrating and her incredible talent at knitting during our Craft Night meet up’s, and I am pleased to say I am a very happy regular customer!

Take a look at some of my recent purchases from Pixie Stone…

Life has been full of adventure in this past year for both of us, but in particular for Hollie! The start of this year she received the wonderful news that she was expecting a little bundle of joy!
Today while writing this post, 22nd September 2014, it is 1 day before Hollies official due date!

Like me, Hollie has a full time job, and builds on her creative side in her spare time. This is what makes it so impressive that her craft business has done so incredibly well, while preparing for a baby no less!

Sadly her books will be closed for a short time while mother and baby bond, but if you really want something by Pixie Stone’s Little Creations, then click the link to like her page and follow her updates for when she able to take orders again!

Alternatively, we hope to be hosting our stores at Smokey Joe’s Cafe in Cheltenham before Christmas for another Craft Fair. Follow our pages to keep up to date with the official dates to come and browse our stock ready for Christmas gifts!


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