Books Now Closed!

I am so pleased to have such an influx of work, but sad to say, for the time being I cannot agree to any new commission requests until after Christmas 2014!

For those of you who don’t know, I work full-time Monday – Friday, plus volunteer at various events, so my time to complete original work tends to be quite limited!
I don’t like to rush any of it though, to ensure what I create is done to the best of my abilities and especially that you (my customers, friends and supporters) are 100% satisfied.

Although, I do seldom surprise myself and get through illustrations a lot quicker than expected, so it is likely I will reopen my books again very soon!

As soon as I am able to reopen my books I will advertise through:

  •  The Blog (here)
  • @LadyGabe through Instagram / Twitter.

If any of the current orders pull out or I manage to complete them sooner than anticipated I will advertise the spots individually, so continue watching if were hoping to purchase something unique as a Christmas gift, or a bespoke painting to enjoy in your own home!

That being said, if you already have an idea and really want to chat to me about it anyway, please do not hesitate and get in touch! I will do my utmost to help anyone interested in getting something before Christmas (or sooner even), and will gladly offer you first pick if a spot opens again.

Not able to afford an original by me, but really want something to brighten up your walls?
Do not fear!

I will shortly be announcing my next competition and there will be multiple giveaway opportunities every month too!

Keep following, liking, commenting and sharing to be picked out as the “follower of the month” through my Facebook page! The more you interact, the more likely your chance at winning a surprise gift!

A big thank you again to ALL OF YOU for your ongoing support!

I am currently travelling on a very bumpy road in my life so interacting with so many of you through my days as Lady Gabe brings me so much joy and motivation to keep working at it all!

Love and Geek Squeaks ❤




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