Corrupt Personalization

While doing a spot of research on how corrupt Facebook is these days, especially regarding with how they manipulate the infomation we see, I came across this blog post. A very interesting, and informative read!

If you happen to have a small business page on Facebook, and struggle to understand why the 1k + of followers you have never like or comment on your posts, this will explain why…

Quite simply, they will never see what you write unless you pay for them to have it appear in their news feed!
It is getting harder to get noticed through Instagram too since Facebook took over them also. I could rant for ages about this subject around manipulative algorithms, but this post tells all! You might think twice about liking a post in future, I know I am!

Social Media Collective

(“And also Bud Light.”)

In my last two posts I’ve been writing about my attempt to convince a group of sophomores with no background in my field that there has been a shift to the algorithmic allocation of attention — and that this is important. In this post I’ll respond to a student question. My favorite: “Sandvig says that algorithms are dangerous, but what are the the most serious repercussions that he envisions?” What is the coming social media apocalypse we should be worried about?

google flames

This is an important question because people who study this stuff are NOT as interested in this student question as they should be. Frankly, we are specialists who study media and computers and things — therefore we care about how algorithms allocate attention among cultural products almost for its own sake. Because this is the central thing that we study, we don’t spend a lot of time…

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