New Look, New Adventures!

What a rough day!

Today I have been pulling my hair out with slow internet browsers, getting lost in cyber space, having internal ape rage moments, stubbed my toe TWICE and been eating home made Lemon Glaze Vegan cake… Oh wait, that last one was a big positive!

I have not been happy with my layout on this website for sometime, and couldn’t settle on how to adjust it for the better. I even went over to WIX (boo hiss) to see if their hosting and editing options were any easier (there are more options but not easy at all). After some frustration, I have came back to good ol’ WordPress where I intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

There has been a large gap in my posts due to home disruptions as the house is being replastered, meaning I lost my creative space to work in *cries*, not to mention how lucky I have been to have received lots of fabulous new commission requests (mega YAY), although when I will get time to complete them is another thing! Also, I have spent recent weeks on the search for a decent Web Design course to begin as soon as I complete my Photography one this week. I have only just realised how much I need it, as opposed to doing it just for the sheer hell of it!

I almost gave in and asked someone else to work on my site for me instead, but I enjoy doing it… most of the time!

Want to play spot the difference?

Of course you don’t. So lemme tell you what has changed!

I have added:

  • Brand new theme! Much simpler, and easier to navigate I have found.
  • Portfolio page as the new “Home” – check out my slide show for all the latest updates!
  • The new banner. It is basic, but come on, it is kinda swish don’t you think?
  • New menu panel on the right hand side of the page, for easy jumps from posts to pages and other (un)interesting fluff!

I would love to know what you all think of the changes! Please jump on board and comment below. You can even just tell me your favourite thing about today, or what pee’d you off… go on vent!

The website will be updated much more often now, and I see I have over 780 followers (hellooooo and where are you all from!?). So come on, get in touch and lets converse about all things crafty and random!

I will start with something random… Anyone excited about the new Doctor Who on the 23rd?? ME ME ME!


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