Under the Sea…

Sorry about a rather large gap in between posts!

I have come back to work after 3 weeks of being signed off sick due to surgery. And I have to say it wasn’t easy getting back into the routine! Bath then bed most evenings last week. I am so rock and roll!

But on the positive side, I have still been a busy bee with lots of illustrating and painting! I have so much to share with you I am not sure where to begin!

This post is dedicated to my “Under the Sea” inspired work recently.

As I am sure a lot of you have gathered, I am what people might call a “girly girl”.
I was a mud-pie, tree-climbing kinda Tom Boy growing up, but at some point in between playing Golf and Rugby with the boys at school I started to dream about owning pretty dresses, wearing sparkly high heels and filling my dream pink cottage with mystical creatures such as Unicorns and Mermaids.

Where am I now in regards to that dream?
I live in a cute regency split level flat with my chap, I own more pretty shoes than I care to admit (most of which I don’t wear) and the place truly is packed full of Unicorns! My poor boyfriend. Here are the photos to prove it…

So my dream is almost fully realised! The pink cottage is still in my future, but MERMAIDS were completely missing until recently!

Sadly, it was the passing of my beloved little Corinthian Fish that pushed me to finally persue my Mermaid dreams.

Dan and I won him at Tewkesbury Mop Fair a few years ago. He had a good life moving about with me over the last few years and I wanted to celebrate it by creating this illustration

I apologise for the level of quality in some of these photos. I am posting from a different computer, and I am not sure these photos show how bright the colours really are!



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