Dinky Dinosaurs

Signed off work for a 3rd week post surgery… Arrrggghhhhh!
So I am still home (it is a tough life not working), suffering with cabin fever but I am a lot better than before! So honestly, I am moaning about it, but it is good news I am finally on the mend and I have lots of positive steps ahead.

I haven’t posted for a few days because of this, had my first migraine in years over the weekend and into yesterday, so haven’t done much in the way of arty stuffs as it hurt my head quite a bit to even open my eyes.

But yesterday afternoon I brushed myself off, dosed up even more and decided to complete a fun idea from a while ago.

CUTE itty bitty baby “Dinky Dinosaurs”

Everyone loves dinosaurs right?? Come on, they are really cool!!
Jurassic Park terrified a generation with effects that still look up to date today!
And remember the movie, The Land Before Time? I loved it as a kid! Though I used to think that Cera the Triceratops was a little brat! But I always enjoyed how at the end she come’s through. She is actually just putting on a show, to pretend she is much stronger than she actually felt.
I analyse children’s movies a lot to no real conclusion… It is fun… ish.

So yeah, I ended up liking her because I realised that was a lot like me!
I am a nightmare bossy boots a lot of the time, but after a while you realise it is a protective front and really I am just a soft and squishy bundle of hugs waiting to happen.

Anyway, I digress.
I wanted to create my own little Triceratops, all pink and pretty, and here is the result below!
I used Copic Markers again on the black and grey areas and the colourful bits were watercolour pencils. It is still a WIP, as I plan on filling the space with other pretty patterns and such. But I just couldn’t wait to share her with you all!
I just need to name her… any ideas are welcome!

Naturally the next Dinky Dino on my list to do was the most monstrous of them all! I had to make him as cute as possible so as not to scare you all because he really is horrifying!
*Thinks of Jurassic Park again*

I give you, the formidably cute Tea Rex!
He may be tiny, but check out his regal expression. He still holds his head up high even though he live’s in a girly tea-cup. He will never get out of the tea cup sadly….his arms are just not strong enough!

I always feel sorry for Tyrannosaurus Rex with those useless little arm’s. They can’t scratch their own nose, they can’t even scratch their own butt!

Hope you have enjoyed these doodles! I plan on adding more Dinosaur inspired illustrations soon. Limited prints will be available in the next few weeks to purchase.



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