The Devil’s Doll and a Desperate Sloth

I absolutely love my Copic Markers!

I have had them for a while but it is only this week I have been brave enough to give them a go.

They are remarkably like water colours, it is surprising how light they can be and how you can build up the colour layer by layer.
I am utterly addicted. Just like that first time I was allowed to use felt tip pens when I was a teeny tiny little scribbler, I desperately want to sit in a snuggly corner, shut everything out and just make pretty pictures.

I love them so much (incase that wasn’t clear enough already from all the gushing). I plan on investing in lots and lots more pretty colours! However… they are a tiny bit pricey, so my collection will be slow to start off. But will be worth it, as they are top quality!

Devil’s Doll

Here is my first rather nervous attempt at using the grey tones Copic markers.
All the grey tones here are the markers. The reds and oranges are watercolour.


I had a lot of fun with the first piece. And that is all that really matters, is enjoying yourself when you are being creative. In my opinion, creativity is meant to be freeing for the soul, so the last thing you should be feeling is miserable when you are in a creative state of mind!

The Desperate Sloth

Today was about getting comfortable working with the tones and depth’s using markers as opposed to watercolour.

Luckily I had a sketch of a Sloth set out already from a few weeks back. It was a great opportunity to work with the markers again as the lines were very simple yet it was a bit of a challenge to ensure I didn’t leave the image looking too flat.

It’s not perfect, it isn’t mind-blowing art work, but it was fun! And of course, Sloths are soooooo cool!
I keep seeing the “Dirty Sloth” meme’s across the internet, and felt bad for the little buggers. They just want to be loved! Instead they get called creepy instead of cute. Personally I think they are CUTE! In a creepy way of course…

Well enough from me for today! I have to dash off, well as fast as I can dash post surgery, to peel potatoes ready for dinner or I will be in trouble from the other half.




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