Tattoo Acceptance

I love this article! As a women with a lot of body art myself, I have faced the unfortunate negative opinions of others regarding my choices to wear it.

I try to wear it pride no matter what others may think. It is my story, it is a part of me and I will always love being decorated in this way. My Grandchildren will love how colourful Granny is, who cares what I look like at 80?My Tattoos

People who judge me for the way I look are not people I wish to spend my time with.

Enjoy this brilliant entry, from my new favourite discovery, Tattooed Heroine Magazine!

Tattooed Heroine Magazine

By Leslie McGuier

If you’ve gotten a tattoo, it likely means a lot to you. Tattoos have long come with a social stigma attached, as have all body modifications. Many inked and pierced young persons have heard the cry of “you’ll never land a good job now!” after showing off a new tattoo, or even the more ominous “what will people think of you?” Fortunately, such comments aren’t just unwelcome, they’re increasingly incorrect. In recent years, attitudes toward tattoos and the people who bear them have changed dramatically. The tide is turning, and it’s turning in our favor.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t long ago that tattoos were viewed as a form of expression reserved for bikers, sailors and convicts. Of course, we now know that this sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth, but unfortunately, workplace rules and norms are rarely as progressive as public opinion…

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