May the Fourth be with you

Yes it is that special day again, Star Wars Day!


Also I should mention, it would have been the sensational Audrey Hepburn‘s birthday today too. 85 years old! Happy Birthday Audrey and especially to my friend and lovely neighbour Annie!

Anyway… today I’m going to focus on the Force.
Stars Wars had a huge influence on me growing up, as it was for millions of others! I wasn’t actually born until after the first 3 instalments but the VHS stood pride of place on our shelves throughout my childhood. I remember playing the video games on the Sega and losing myself, and my personal hygiene for hours (days)!

Recently while on a trip to Orlando Florida, I got to experience Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. Needless to say, my boyfriend and I fully “geeked the eff out” while there. You can see from the below just a small portion of our Disney / Star Wars collection. A lot of unnecessary pennies were spent, but it was soooo worth it! Check out Animal Boba, how cool!!!

So in a nutshell I love Star Wars, and my art today and on many occasions in the past has been influenced by this.

Minnie Boba

Here is my Minnie Boba from 2013. I loved doing this one! After the announcement that Disney were to release further Star Wars movies I mixed a bit of Minnie Mouse’s cuteness with Boba Fett’s dented helmet. This was lovingly created using black fine liner pens and watercolour pencils.

C-3Po’s Humble Abode

As I left my old place “The House of Awesome” earlier this year, I couldn’t walk away from my housemates without giving them a Star Wars related gift. Our home theme was very “Sith Chic”, with large wall hangings of At At’s and a life-size cardboard cut out of “Stormy” the Storm Trooper.
Here’s the photo proof with my friend Hayley. She is the pretty one with the Lightsaber. 2 guesses which is me!?
Here is a clue: I am not wearing a helmet, but I really should be.
And secretly in my bedroom I created the next little dude….C-3PO. The image below was taken at my housemates new residence they share together. It’s waiting in the entrance hallway to freakishly welcome everyone into their humble abode!


And so, we finally move onto today’s contribution to the Star Wars fan art gallery.

Created from the Dark Side, this one is.

Using Prismacolor pencils and Copic Markers. I have included a couple of progression shots for you, so you can see how much I build on the colour to get the desired effect. I hope you enjoy!


Thanks for reading!

Gabe – Beep Beep Boop Beep



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