The Instagram 1000!

Just a quick post today to let you know that I am feeling really happy to have gained many lovely new faces onto my Instagram page.

All thanks to Mel Clarke for sharing the below image on her Instagram yesterday, now the image has over 1,700 likes and I have seen a fast influx of interest on my artwork as a result!

I have hit just over 1000 followers now, not that it has ever been about numbers, but it is so wonderful to meet more people interested into the same art as me, and who are of course into sexy tattooed ladies such as Ms Clarke herself!


If you saw my previous post, you will know that I was feeling quite disappointed that I managed to make Mel look cross-eyed.

After working harder on this piece I believe it is now looking a lot healthier! And Mel obviously seemed to like it along with many others.

If you have a creative page on Instagram, or know of a page I would be interested in, let me know the username by commenting on this post. I love social media, I have connected with so many like-minded and inspiring people this way, so long may it continue!




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