Into recovery and beyond!

So yesterday was a difficult day but a good day. I finally had surgery to help with a long-term chronic illness that sadly will never be cured. But even though the surgery was painful, I’ve barely had 2 hours sleep, I can barely walk or move without screaming in pain etc… I’m on the other side of it now, and I can deal with recovery. It has given me hope!

Even though I should just be concentrating on bed rest and healing I am lay here itching to create! It is a wonderful feeling to know what I want to do with my life, so much so I just want to develop and try new things even when I’m like this. The last surgery was 3 years ago (they happen often to stem the issue) and back then I got the same boost to do something different with my life, creatively, yet I didn’t act upon it right away.
However not long after I started to draw again seldomly, it was awful though! I was ever so rusty!

So basically what I’m trying to say is that sometimes you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, but by putting your focus on the simpler things in life, the little things that make you happier, you find you’ll recover pretty quickly. Maybe not physically, but your emotional trauma from a situation lessens as you lend focus to what you love instead of lying there thinking about the negatives.

I’d like to share with you one of my biggest inspirations to get me out of my creative “humps”.

Glenn Arthur

I first saw this image a few years back, and it reminded me to keep working on my creative side rather than give up because I never believed I could be as good as this!


I looked up the original artist and fell in love with his work like many others had, and still to this day follow him like any decent stalky fan girl would!

Glenn Arthur unique style really is one of a kind! He usually works with acrylics on wood, and as you will appreciate this isn’t easy to create the depth you see in his work.

Glenn’s inspirations come from the things I already love, tattoos, beautiful women (who doesn’t), art nouveau influences and of course cute animals! His signature hummingbirds you will notice make an appearance in most of his work!

I particularly love his fairytale inspired work recently.

He describes himself as a neo Victorian enthusiast, macabre romantic and nerd on his website. I would say this really shows through his work, and I feel that the things I love inspire me just the same.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Glenn’s work as much as me! Go check him out in social media to keep up to date with his work…

Glenn on Facebook
Glenn on Twitter
Glenn on Instagram

Cheers all for reading! Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Gabe XD


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