Let it go!

Since about 1 month ago I have been ever so slightly obsessed with the brilliant Disney movie Frozen.

I saw it the first time on the flight home from my trip to Florida, and watched it several times since I bought the DVD pretty much as soon as we landed!

I have been doodling Elsa and Anna for fun when a friend contacted me asking to have a unique commission created for their God Daughter, Lola. I couldn’t resist the challenge!

I didn’t have any A3 paper available to do both of Lola’s favourite characters justice so I made the most of the space that I could and did this over 2x 8×10 sheets of 190gsm watercolour paper.

Usually I sketch my idea into my sketch book to begin with, but I felt confident enough with this that I penciled in the design directly onto the watercolour paper.

I used several reference images of both Elsa and Olaf, mainly found on deviantART. This is a great place to get a feel for the characters as there are thousands of fan art images, as well as originals. You get to see many versions of the characters, using different styles of digital and hand illustration. The result will be your own interpretation of a character and not looking like a carbon copy of a movie poster.

Some fun reference shots below. Click the images for links to view the original creators on deviantART.

As you may have seen in my other posts, I love the use of black fine liners to create the base on which I build my art work.

At the point where I have the drawing lined up, I tend to be very hyper and excited about adding colour. So it was unfortunate I completed the line work just before I needed to go to bed…my idea of torture! Especially having to go to work the next day, and all I can think about is wanting to get stuck in on the colour!

I add many layers of watercolour, starting with a loose base coat over the largest areas. I found it very difficult mixing the right colour for Elsa’s hair. It is silvery blonde in the movie, but there is only so much you can achieve with paints, especially as they dry darker than you expect most the time!

I took my time painting these, and in total I estimate it took about 16 hours on the painting alone. But I am very lucky as my boyfriend lets me get on with it, and we usually have a movie running in the background while I get stuck in. While doing these I was enjoying a Baz Luhrmann day…The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge! Fantastic movies in my opinion and creatively inspiring! The weirder the better, a lot like me!

As always, I completed these with some added details using my Verithin Prismacolor Pencils. Using the white to create the subtle snowflakes on top of the blue backgrounds, back over the ice shards either end, to create a 3D transparent look.

And after all that, here are the finished images…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my versions of Elsa and Olaf. If you would like to own your own copy of these, I will be getting limited edition, signedΒ GiclΓ©e prints created (contact me for details), but I am afraid there can be only 1 home for the originals.

I hope little Lola enjoys her present from her God Mother, and will treasure them for years to come!



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