Whovian and proud

If that small sentence means nothing to you, it is probably best you give up reading on.

If you get it…come join me, I have fish fingers and custard!

Doctor Who crept up on me about 7 years ago. My best friend kept trying to engage in Whovian conversation and I just didn’t get it. I had never seen Doctor Who at this point, and what I could remember of the classic episodes wasn’t great. She told me I could not dismiss The Doctor until I had allowed David Tennant to pull me in.

I was dubious, it was unlikely 1 episode would get me hooked!

Then I watched “Blink”.

LadyGabe's Profile Picture

Steven Moffat’s horrifying Weeping Angels ruined statues for me for life! Even my beautiful stone Buddha statues…I swear they get closer when I sleep! Not so peaceful anymore.

If you have read this far and you haven’t been blessed to see a full episode of Doctor Who yet, do yourself a favour and go watch Blink (do not watch alone). It was one of Carey Mulligan’s finest roles…some even say better than her Daisy portrayal in The Great Gatsby! Possibly…

Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow in the episode Blink

So my love for the Doctor blossomed. And before long I had gone back and watched all the most recent episodes, and even found myself getting into the classic Who’s too! A new Whovian was born!

As a result I find a lot of my artistic inspiration comes from the stories of the Time Lord and his companions. Yes it is cheesy, and the plot holes are so large you can fly a double-decker bus through them into another dimension! It doesn’t matter though, as I find it magical, and when I am in the Doctor’s time line my troubles melt away and I feel like I am right there on an adventure with him.

So, please enjoy a taste of some of my Whovian inspired art works! Leave a comment fellow Whovians! I want to hear from you what your first Doctor experience was.
And if you watch Blink after this, please let me know your thoughts.


2 Replies to “Whoniverse”

  1. Love your work and if I could ever settle on one who tatt design I would def be getting in touch!

    Keep up the awesome!

    Stef (DrWhoBadWolf)


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