8 thoughts on “Home

    1. Gabe says:

      Hey there! Found your name pop up a couple of times first on Aussa Lorens blog then on the Tattooed Tourist blog. Enjoyed reading your comments and had aglance at your blog and thought why not give it a follow and see what it is all about! 🙂

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      1. REDdog says:

        Nice policy Gabe, Aussa and Eva are 2 of my favs. If you wanna get an idea about what my blog is like have a squiz at some of my earlier stuff like Wedding Day Hues or the MFU Series. Cheers

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      2. REDdog says:

        Oooh, excellent, I love it when I get to impact the global economy like that. I’m off to Borneo for a couple weeks soon so if I don’t seem to be responding much it’s because I haven’t figured out my 21st century, first world technology issues. Have fun!


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